“Without RLG it would have taken us 10 years to get there”

- Process Engineering – Manufacturing Excellence Team Leader
Project Info

This nitrogen and urea plant struggled to achieve the consistent uptime and run rates that the plant manager thought were possible.  Following recent successes at a sister-plant, this site enlisted RLG to help them fully engage their workforce, while developing the systematic approach that would ensure sustainability of the new, results driven culture. For just over a year, RLG performance coaches worked closely with leadership, Operations and Maintenance to create the resulting shift in performance.

Project Highlights:

  • 23% increase in ammonia plant uptime
  • 17.6% increase in urea plant uptime
  • $4.6 million reduction in energy consumption
  • Implemented RLG’s Operating Rhythm™ to improve accountability for results and engage all levels of the organization
  • Developed a Manufacturing Excellence Team (MET) to ensure all production risks are dealt with in a timely and on-going basis
  • $38 million captured by improved production


“The project was a huge success from my point of view, and in my opinion, we have gone from worst to first – and fast! It brings me great pride to hear from folks all over the organization about the change they see. Not only in our results but how we are getting them! RLG has helped us moved closer to our vision of being the benchmark, being the model plant.”

- Plant Manager – Chemical Processing Facility