“I am proud to say that the linkages between the strategic direction at the executive level and its translation throughout the Supply Chain Group, is more fully understood today than at any point in my 26 year history with the company. People now have a much better sense of how their work impacts the bottom line. For me as a Director, this process has allowed me to confidently step back from the day-to-day, empowering my managers and their direct reports to do what they must to achieve the targets we have set together.”

Director, Order Fulfillment
Project Info

This Supply Chain continuous improvement project started during a period of rapid change – during the project the ownership of the company changed twice, the previously separated paper and pulp divisions were reintegrated and the company successfully merged with an equal sized competitor. Notwithstanding this turbulent environment, the Supply Chain team was successful at improving all of the key business processes, adopting a continuous improvement culture with accompanying tools, processes and changes in leadership styles and achieving cost reductions of $33 per tonne.

Project Highlights

  • ŸMission statements and key success criteria for the initiative were established around a centrally-organized program
  • ŸOperating Rhythm scorecards were introduced to all teams to identify performance gaps, with a monthly cycle of accountability business reviews were established to review and collaborate on forward actions
  • ŸContinuous improvement participation was asked of all employees, with a quarterly “stop, assess and get feedback” milestone system
  • ŸAll crew, trades and management meetings, communication processes and interactions were reviewed and a new Operating Rhythm was introduced to leverage strengths and correct gaps
  • ŸProject results achieved a total financial benefit for the client of $36 million creating a project return-on-investment of 94 to 1