“The business review has allowed the lead techs to develop more ownership around planning and executing work and to share alignment with the supervisors.”

Offshore Installation Manager
Project Info

RLG was invited into this client’s North Sea asset to help improve offshore production and efficiency. With a drop in oil price and faced with higher lifting costs, the client launched its offshore cost and efficiency initiative to focus on opportunities for incremental oil production. RLG’s processes and coaching were seen as just the right approach to help drive enthusiasm, ownership and accountability at the platform level to maximize production volume.

Project Highlights

  • A rotating pair of coaches were positioned on the asset and worked with Operations, Maintenance and supporting vendors
  • RLG’s Operating Rhythm introduced business reviews and helped the teams agree on 4 new KPIs to drive the necessary decisions and behaviours
  • Many ideas from the crews were implemented to optimize tasks and processes, making production gains both big and small
  • RLG’s Front Line Planning tool was deployed extensively, aligning teams to safe, efficient execution plans