“The turnaround scorecard quickly communicated where we were and where we needed to go, and listed who was going to do what by when to close the major gaps. Everyone knew what they had to do to make this a success.”


Project Info

Completing a scheduled 2 week annual turnaround safely and on schedule was extremely important to this client. Historically, large losses in production resulted from schedule slip and unexpected problems. Using RLG’s Px (Project Excellence) approach, the project planning, optimization and execution was rigorously managed, creating one strong team with a clear vision of what actions needed to take place to develop and execute this safe, efficient work plan.

Project Highlights

  • RLG became involved with the team roughly 9 months prior to the turnaround
  • A planning Operating Rhythm with well-defined KPIs and a rigorous meeting schedule ensured effective communication and accountability
  • Planners, engineers, schedulers and senior tradesmen used schedule quality reviews and TMP (Theoretical Maximum Performance) sessions to optimize the plan
  • Front line workers became involved early to identify risks and opportunities to improve safety and efficiency
A “war room” approach and an Execution Operating Rhythm kept everyone highly aligned and aware of all critical issues and KPIs.