“We did not plan our work effectively, measure our performance or use schedules to drive execution. Now we are planning 2-3 years ahead of projects, tracking progress in both planning and execution and optimizing our schedule and using it to hold tension on the critical path.”

Senior Planning Manager
Project Info

Our client was an offshore drilling contractor who was having serious problems with their oil rig upgrade and repair projects. Every project ran late and the costs were enormous. They sought significant improvements and partnered with RLG over 4 years to turn this around.

Project Highlights

  • The implementation began with RLG and the client co-implementing a stage gate planning process
  • Over 6-months the process and supporting documents were developed per the RLG Project Excellence approach
  • Improvements were obvious in the very first project when it was delivered earlier than plan
  • Coaching continued, and over the next 3 years the schedule variance dropped by 96%
  • The impact on revenue was more than $1 billion