“RLG provided the missing element we needed to make this project world class.”

Senior Project Manager
Project Info

When a global operator was experiencing safety results below their expectations, they asked for RLG's support.

Within a year, they achieved step-change safety results across multiple indicators. When asked, they attributed much of the difference to the embedded RLG coaches who were on-site, building front line commitment.

Project Highlights

  • Seasonality and project milestones drove large fluctuations in site headcount. This presented many risks with new faces and a short-term workforce unfamiliar with the remote worksite.
  • A  team of back-to-back RLG performance coaches worked on-site with the client's own people and contractors, a group ranging from 400 to 600 workers.
  • They worked with front-line leaders and support staff to make key metrics visible and promote ownership, accountability and involvement across all levels.
  • Through one-on-one and group coaching, RLG coaches helped leaders develop the skills and confidence to run stronger meetings and bring-out deeper conversations in all interactions of their site Operating Rhythm.
  • The RLG coaches helped build quality participation in the safety observation and intervention program.  Program participation grew quickly. Using crew-level KPIs, positive reinforcement and affirmation, wins were celebrated and workers were recognized for their contributions.
  • Safe intervention techniques were modelled and became the culture in the business -- the new normal.

Key Metrics

  • Near-miss to incident ratio increased from 8 to 52, a 6.5x improvement.
  • Observation program quality rose to and stayed above 90%
  • Total incident rate (including first-aids) dropped from 5.7 to 0.7, a 8x improvement.
  • Average duration between incidents increased from 8 to 47 days, a 6x improvement.

Sometimes safety programs make the site vendors feel like they can't win:  everything is an audit, it's just checking the box -- a numbers game. This was different. The RLG coaches helped this operator's leadership realize a real change in their approach. Vendors became partners in safety and the required activity became relevant, visible and actionable. Together, they all improved.


“I'm gonna do whatever I can to support RLG working with us on every project. Our supervisors really benefitted from your coaching.”

Resident Contractor HSE Manager

“When I heard we were getting consultants on site, I was highly skeptical. Now, I can't image what would have happened without them.”

Deputy Site Construction Manager, Operator