“The change in the backfill process as a result of the AAR [After Action Review] was incredibly important to the project’s success. It shortened the duration of each grillage foundation moving forward, allowing us to mitigate schedule risk.”

Senior Project Manager
Project Info

This electric power utility client was building a new transmission line through rugged mountainous terrain. To backfill the support leg foundations of each transmission tower, helicopters were required. Despite an engineering plan, it became clear after the first two foundations that the intended plan would not accommodate budget or schedule.

Project Highlights

  • As part of their project Execution Operating Rhythm, After Action Reviews were introduced
  • In one session, this critical helicopter problem was identified and a cross-functional team was launched to rip apart the existing process and create changes to optimize it without creating undue risk and safety issues
  • Over two weeks, the team designed and implemented the new process
  • Duration was reduced 64%, saving an estimated $1.6 million over the 23 helicopter sites