“I would like to express my great satisfaction with the results that RLG and our drilling team have been able to deliver. As a result of these drilling improvements, for the first time in our history, oil production achieved the target.”

Vice President, Drilling
Project Info

This client is a leading Russian oil company who partnered with RLG to undertake a performance improvement project on their offshore extended reach well drilling. In the two year project, they sought to deliver a 25% improvement over baseline by implementing sustainable process and behaviour changes across their office and field operations.

Project Highlights

  • RLG undertook an assessment of strengths and opportunities of client’s existing business processes
  • Implemented based on RLG’s PEML (Plan, Execute, Measure, Learn) methodology
  • Improved drilling efficiency by 46%, safety by 60%
  • USD $180 million in cost savings plus $83 million in additional income generated  — $263 million in total bottom line impact
  • 109 to 1 project return-on-investment in RLGs fees