“We see a real benefit from the work of RLG. Results on rigs have improved, planning has improved and communication between departments has improved. But most important, people are focused on results. The more people you have engaged in the process, the greater the results.”

- Director – Drilling Department
Project Info

This Russian drilling contractor, with 52 rigs, sought to improve drilling times by 20%, while improving the quality of planning, as defined as variance to the drilling plan. Due to the size of the fleet, two rigs were chosen for the pilot project, and with good success, expanded to many more.

Project Highlights:

  • Drilling program optimization introduced standard processes for planning and execution of plans
  • Training of supervisors and chief specialists ensured understanding and consistent use of best practices
  • RLG’s PEML (Plan, Execute, Measure, Learn), TMP™ (Theoretical Maximum Performance), Operating Rhythm™ and leadership coaching were extensively used
  • Overall time savings from baseline amounted to 900 days with a value of $24 million
  • 17 of 52 rigs were in the program and achieved 22% improvement versus 14% in non-program rigs