“Since RLG came to the rig, I have started noticing things that I had never paid attention to. Just knowing the model and methodology, one can easily see opportunities for improvement.”

Drilling Director
Project Info

This Russian drilling contractor, already among the best working for the oil major, sought to boost their drilling efficiency by 10% over 6 months. With RLG, they targeted two major areas: leadership skill and style, and processes and tools. Both the drilling rig and office were included in the improvement initiative.

Project Highlights

  • RLG’s TMP (Theoretical Maximum Performance) process introduced as the performance optimization tool — 7 TMP sessions with 170 participants generated 150 performance improvement actions
  • Process mapping for complex operations improved both the efficiency and ownership of key tasks
  • The time spent on 6 of the most complex operations dropped by 27%, with one dropping 65%
  • The rig culture changed to one of continuous improvement as everyone became engaged