“Our team strives to ‘do what they say they will do’ now. … RLG reinforced the need to keep performance visible with the whiteboards. This attitude has led to a high level of integrity and respect for each other and to hold each other accountable.”

Captain (Master)
Project Info

In the technically demanding environment of deep water drilling, safety and drilling efficiency are keys to success. This ship was dealing with high downtime and unsatisfactory overall rig performance. The leadership engaged with RLG to improve rig performance while sustaining, or even improving, safety.

Project Highlights:

  • Safety improved, in conjunction with other performance gains, with new records set and TRIR dropped to zero
  • A rig scorecard was used to drive focus on all rig performance criteria
  • Business reviews brought all stakeholders to the table
  • Performance boards promoted engagement and alignment through all departments
  • After Action Reviews, hand-overs and planning sessions captured and implemented best practices from all levels of the organization