“I can see a lot of improvement on the rig over the past few months in morale, safety focus, efficiency and reliability. I know that is driven from the top by the rig managers, the RLG coach, the OIMs and the other supervisors on the rig.”

Customer Well Engineer
Project Info

Unplanned equipment downtime was high on the rigs drilling offshore in West Africa. To improve performance, RLG was engaged to work on four different rigs to help the client connect their front line workforce to their bottom line results. Maintenance practices, adherence to established processes, and inventory management of critical parts were some of the areas RLG worked with the client to make a difference.

Project Highlights

  • Critical path maintenance programs were developed and implemented to proactively reduce unplanned downtime of the most critical equipment
  • After Action Reviews were utilized to capture lessons learned on each well and planning optimization sessions were used to implement these lesson learned on the subsequent wells
  • Offshore inventory management was improved which led directly to less equipment downtime due to waiting on parts and spares
  • Keeping performance visible through RLG’s Operating Rhythm promoted greater focus, ownership, and accountability for reducing equipment downtime on each rig
  • Unplanned downtime dropped by 80%