“The use of RLG’s Operating Rhythm™, performance team tools and leadership building components improved our plant uptime, no doubt about it.”

Project Info

RLG engaged in a 12-month project with this industrial fertilizer plant to undertake a program of performance improvement and continuous improvement initiatives, centered on reliability, through strong leadership. Emphasizing uptime as the greatest opportunity to enhance bottom line results, the RLG team focused on:

  • Developing an internal team to assess plant health and take bold actions to mitigate threats
  • Aligning metrics focused on uptime and developing tiered accountability across the site to drive front line decisions
  • Strengthening their Operating Rhythm™ to lever results, successes, opportunities and required actions on backlogs, preventive maintenance compliance and workflow
  • Building leadership behaviours and skills through one-on-one coaching and workshops

Project Highlights

  • Within the year, seven production records were broken
  • Because of a team-based, thorough review, maintenance backlog was culled by 10,000 hours
  • Both Ammonia and Urea plant uptime rose dramatically, as shown in the chart, partly due to a renewed focus on reliability bad-actors and optimized planned and un-planned shutdown events
  • Leadership at all levels were developed through instruction, feedback and coaching, with progress tracked
  • A powerful weekly boardwalk broke down organizational barriers to create one-team across Operations, Maintenance, Shipping, Engineering, Safety and Reliability groups



“RLG accelerated our ability to put ideas into action.”



“The TMP™ process was the first step in our seamless execution of the … project.”



“You were here to help us, not to tell us what to do.”