“I have learned that Operating Rhythm starts out with a simple beat that explodes into a full symphony of attainable goals and transparent measures, leading to success. Such a simple process has produced such great results.”

Crew Chief
Project Info

In a joint initiative between the airline union and management, this airplane overhaul facility partnered with RLG in many shops to support their “Working Together” process. Designed to improve leadership and realize a collaborative performance improvement culture, the doors and structures shops (historically poor performers) were targeted for the pilot project.

Project Highlights

  • Built a structure for effective communication through the use of meaningful metrics
  • RLG’s Operating Rhythm proved to be a perfect way to bring together focus, accountability, involvement and appropriate response
  • Leadership coaching helped reinforce the need for appropriate expectation setting and response to performance
  • Strong support by both union and management as they witnessed gains from the process
  • This success built trust and paved the way for 16 more improvement projects across the base