“TMP [Theoretical Maximum Performance] planning techniques are now well accepted and are being utilized by general managers throughout our mills. Team members have been trained in what is now accepted as a core skill in our organization. The unique aspect of all three projects is that the plan timelines were initially considered impossible targets by both the equipment suppliers and construction companies involved, yet we achieved success.”

President and CEO
Project Info

This international producer of wood-based panels, with plants across North America and Europe, asked for RLG’s help to improve the shutdown performance of its North American mills. They had an unpredictable history of success with both shutdowns and maintenance, averaging nearly 20% over plan. They sought a repeatable process for consistent success.

Beginning with a project mindset and a handful of shutdown and “event” opportunities to target, RLG’s team worked closely with Operations, Maintenance, technical and leadership teams across the many mills. With data, structured problem solving, facilitated optimization sessions, field observation, and After Action Reviews, everyone had a voice, from the front line workers and contractors to the top leadership. This team targeted these troublesome shutdown events and together built strong, repeatable practices.

Project Highlights

  • The 19 projects after the start of the RLG engagement came within 1% of plan
  • Facilitated TMP workshops introduced the ideas of “perfect execution” and through optimization of critical path activities, enabled execution of a quality plan through involvement and ownership of all participants
  • Crews, suppliers, contractors and planning teams were all highly engaged in the process
  • Weekly dryer cleaning time was cut by 49%
  • An 8-week press rebuild was completed on budget, 20% ahead of baseline with no recordable injuries