“This synergy of RLG experience, their tools and methods, with the experience of the refinery leadership team, line supervisors and personnel, is the basis of these significant results and improvements.”

Refinery General Director
Project Info

This refinery partnered with RLG to substantially change their safety culture and improve results in an area encompassing three operating units. Safety was always a key priority for this refinery management team and this project was no exception. The success measurable would not only be the lagging safety statistics, but also the downtime associated with injuries.

Project Highlights

  • The project team implemented RLG’s SAFER approach, addressing systems, leadership and behaviours
  • Coaching shop and unit leaders on key leadership moments improved the shop culture and morale
  • Improving existing systems while introducing new ones enabled a structured approach to safety reporting, awareness and accountability
  • In year two, the number of injuries in this project area dropped to zero with downtime hours reduced by >75%