“RLG offered great industry insight to our team and challenged us to view schedule optimization from a new perspective. The meeting organization/facilitation coaching fast tracked me to become an effective leader of core planning teams. RLG helped us achieve a higher level of cooperation between work groups which certainly contributed to the success of our turnaround event.”

Team Leader, Coker
Project Info

This 300,000+ bbl/day refinery was struggling in turnarounds on their coker and crude units. Benchmarked by Solomon as 4th quartile, they were eager to improve results in their upcoming turnarounds and enlisted RLG for the 12 months before and during the event to work closely with their turnaround team.

Project Highlights

  • Created consistency in the process and documents to align the entire team
  • Increased employee involvement and two-way communication with RLG’s Operating Rhythm
  • Optimized the schedule using RLG’s TMP (Theoretical Maximum Performance) process
  • Heightened awareness and use of software systems, KPIs and front-end loading planning progress
  • Enacted a daily look-ahead during execution to enable communication and align teams