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Is remote work here to stay? Is your company up to the challenge?

May 08, 2020

In recent days much of the world has transitioned to a new lifestyle of working remotely. Teams and colleagues normally accustomed to connecting in offices, in boardrooms, hallways and over lunch are now connecting virtually. While deemed essential workers may continue to work on site, many non-essential workers are undertaking their routine office duties from within their homes, which presents obstacles to productivity, connectivity, and time management.

To Do and Done

How is your company managing Remote Work productivity?

There are several challenges you and your employees may be facing:

  • Are you able to run effective video/audio calls with good employee involvement?  
  • Are you able to problem-solve remotely? 
  • Are you able to have a good accountability review with clear metrics and actions?

Without good accountability and clear metrics, you are missing key opportunities to improve your business.

For a free 8-minute survey to assess how well you are doing remote work, click the Take Survey button.

remote video call

Remote Working and Collaboration

  • How is your team doing at remote collaboration and problem-solving?
  • Are you able to plan a detailed project?
  • Can you get everybody’s input into saving days off your next maintenance shutdown?
  • Are you able to modify broken processes while working remotely?
  • Or are you just doing zoom/teleconference meetings to keep people informed and updated?

RLG has excellent experience in remotely working, improving schedules by 20% or more. RLG, in collaboration with our technology partners, work with front-line suppliers and with employees input we are able to virtually advance your processes and progress improvements. Request a short video on how we demonstrate this.

Request a complete guide on “How to Lead, Problem-solve, Collaborate, and Have Accountability Reviews Remotely”.

Additional Resources on Remote work

In Part 1 of Productivity in a Remote Work Environment - Rick Heyland invites guests; John Shewfelt, Roger Laing, Rob Gulbronson and Lara Mickel from RLG International on this timely podcast as the world trends to working remotely. With over 100-man years of remote working experience, today’s group provides successful tips and insights on how to stay connected and maintain productivity in the new norm.

In Part 2 of Productivity in a Remote Work Environment - Rick Heyland welcomes back RLG's Roger Laing and John Shewfelt to continue the conversation of working remotely with a focus on all-day meetings and dealing with distractions.

The discussion will offer a guide to conducting extended strategy sessions/meeting remotely by providing an invaluable checklist currently in practice by many of our clients.

Here’s a couple quick tips to assist with distractions and anxiety.

  • Institute a regular Operating Rhythm with your team. Schedule a weekly check-in for 30 minutes, two-three times weekly for review.
  • Begin each meeting with an icebreaker. Participants to provide one-word to capture their feeling of the moment.  Depending on the level of anxiety felt by others with the one-word captures, organize a “Remote Stand-down” to further discuss and address the teams emotional state.

For a full list on dealing with distraction and how to manage the increasing volume of emails, check out our Insights article Working Remotely Part-2