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COVID-19: Crisis Management Leadership - Learning from the Field

May 04, 2020

A Crisis Management Model and Ten Recommendations for Leaders Managing a Crisis

by Frank Mellott and Stanislov Krapivnik

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RLG’s Client partners are all facing unprecedented challenges, with daily shifts in both threats and opportunities. There is no manual or leadership guides written for COVID-19; however, we see examples of leadership learning and excellence within our clients, as they respond, engage and make decisions that keep people safe and operations, facilities, camps and organizations running.

RLG’s expertise in Business Performance, Leadership and Front-Line Engagement, coupled with our Crisis Management Leadership (CML) five-step model and on-site client partnerships, is actively supporting crisis leadership on major projects and operating sites.

Our teams have joined in-house resources to:

  • Support crisis planning and action execution
  • Build and execute Remote Operations Excellence strategies
  • Map crisis information architecture; develop data collection and input feeds
  • Build a communication strategy, upgrade dashboards and establish Operating Rhythm™
  • Lead supplier and service provider evaluations and inspections
  • Support crisis management of supply chain; logistics, supplies, and equipment
  • Build and optimize business continuity recovery plans

“We are ready to help your organization navigate crisis management and business continuity planning”

- Brad Farrow, RLG President and CEO

Top 10 Recommendations for Leaders Managing a Crisis:


We hope you find this topic as useful and interesting during these difficult times. In the weeks and months ahead, we plan to continue sharing our ideas and those of our trusted partners in Crisis Management Leadership.

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