RLG International has been working with domestics and multi-nationals in Africa since 2009. Our work has focused on the oil and gas industry, both upstream with drilling and production, and downstream in refineries and terminals. These projects have taken us to 15 African countries, including Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, Tanzania, Egypt and Libya.


We know that one of the keys to success when working in different parts of the world is to respect the local culture and customs while implementing changes. In Africa, when possible, we have done this by using performance coaches that speak the local languages (i.e. Portuguese in Angola, Arabic in Egypt, etc.) and by adopting the local work practices (staying in staff housing, using local hours of work, etc.). Our clients have repeatedly told us that these practices have helped make us successful.

We are proud to speak of our many African success stories in diverse projects, including:

  • Refinery turnarounds
  • Capital projects
  • Storage tank maintenance
  • Reducing downtime with drilling contractors
  • Implementing process improvements
  • Improved personal and process safety
  • Improved drilling operations
  • Efficiency in processes

RLG understands Africa's uniqueness and diverse cultures. We continue to help our clients improve their track record of success.

“At first, I thought performance management was a dog and pony show for management. Now I realize how much RLG’s process has helped me as a manager to get organized and to hold people accountable.”

Team Leader, Drilling Office

“I am elated to see this co-ordinated team effort among the operator and contractors pay off handsomely with estimated savings around the $5 million mark. We could not have done this without RLG.”

Ghana Sector Manager

“Safety, efficiency and reliability are key elements of our business. Communication is a process that helps achieve the planning and execution of preventive maintenance. Success is achieved by effective hand-over notes and each crew continuing the work from the previous crew. RLG has definitely helped us improve in each of these areas.”

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), Drilling Contractor 

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