What used to add value in drilling and field operations has now become ordinary and expected – safe, efficient work. Drilling times are faster, technology has improved and performance challenges have become more complicated. That’s why we have advanced our tools and methods to truly establish a culture where performance rises to new levels, taking good to great.

We have worked on challenges both large and small across many business units around the globe, both onshore and offshore. We have extensive experience driving efficiency initiatives in drilling, completions, production operations and capital projects.


  • Flat time reduction:  our approach is heavily field-based working directly with teams on the rig to identify specific opportunities, build stronger execution plans, and facilitate continuous improvement activity.
  • Drilling time reduction:  partnering with the drilling engineering department to help foster an environment for learning, data analysis, and improving communication channels to the field.
  • Cost reduction:  investigating opportunities to decrease non-cycle time expenses, we work with drilling and engineering teams to spot and capture improvements.

Completions and Well Workovers

Many of RLG’s clients have realized that there is tremendous opportunity to improve the time and cost in transforming a drilled well into a producing well. The completions process is often challenged by frequent changes in the asset development plan, changing supply chain priorities, and multidepartment
organizational structure conflicts. RLG has a track record of successfully helping improve completions performance working in the following areas:

  • Move times - both pad-to-pad and stage-to-stage
  • Pumping efficiency
  • Planning of flat time operations
  • Frac operations

"It is not uncommon to have consultants leave and people slip back into their old habits. At the end of the RLG project, my statement was “most of us do not remember how we did it before”. This to me reinforces Operating Rhythm™ because over the two year period this is now how we conduct our business."

- President – Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturing

Production Operations

The key value proposition for production operations is to produce more barrels of oil. To achieve this, we partner with our clients to look at multiple improvement opportunities to make this happen. Improvement
areas include:

  • Reducing planned and unplanned maintenance downtime
  • Increasing reliability and availability of critical systems
  • Decreasing recovery time due to production trips
  • Chasing barrels - improving optimization of production
  • Increasing maintenance productivity
KPI data capture and measuring against targets are integral to the improvement effort - whether working onshore or offshore. Acting as a catalyst for change and impact by leveraging our performance
improvement approaches, leadership coaching and Operating Rhythm™ techniques, we work in cooperation with our client teams to realize these improvements.

Capital Projects

We work alongside project leadership and their teams to align project interfaces, optimize planning and schedules for critical milestones, and meaningfully connect the front-line to the project priorities. RLG’s Px™ (Project Excellence) framework for improving capital projects includes all three aspects of capital project work; alignment, optimization, and engagement.

Project Alignment

Leveraging a front-end loaded scorecard to ensure 100% project readiness, our coaches work with the capital project team to ensure all preparations and tasks for execution are completed. We further work to create one view of performance shared by all stakeholders and reviewed in a way that generates collaboration and forward action.

Project Optimization

Taking the project plan beyond checklists and basic readiness to a state of near-perfection. Through process, plan and schedule optimization, our coaches work between and with project teams and contractors to reduce risk, anticipate challenges and prepare the way for smooth, efficient execution.

Project Engagement

Using Operating Rhythm™ to drive the management of critical path activities and improvement plans. We document and make visible project performance through war rooms and visual dashboards - both virtual and physical. We then build the effective rhythm of review and interaction to see, learn and act for real-time performance improvement.

"I’ve worked with a lot of consul­tants over the years and I’ve never seen a group as good as RLG. You guys really have something special in the way you approach your work and engage us to improve performance."

- Team Lead, Drilling Program

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