“Meeting our promises despite a shrinking delivery window is our biggest challenge. That balance of people, productivity, accuracy and cost is a difficult one today.”

– Warehouse and Distribution Leader
Today’s global economy is connection critical, relying on multiple interface points and channels. An increase in demand brings challenges in cost control, consumer need for faster receipt and risks associated with operational logistics leaving you vulnerable. Your channels need to be fluid, yet your processes repeatable with near perfect order quality. It comes down to providing the right product in the right quantity to the right place at the right time. Seems simple, but it can get complicated:


  • Technology:  emerging technology is changing the way that materials move and inventory is managed. Is your workforce accepting and leveraging new technology? Are you getting the results you had anticipated?
  • RLG Specializes in getting new technology implemented and embedded with your frontline workforce
  • Cost:  with freight, handling, storage and labour costs steadily increasing, and regulations requiring greater scrutiny and compliance, costs are under pressure. Are you struggling with understanding or managing the drivers of cost? Is it getting the attention it deserves?
  • We identify and make visible the right leading indicators at each level of your organization to improve your cost performance
  • Talent:  your workforce is both aging and intergenerational, introducing new challenges into your organization. Is knowledge being transferred? Are new procedures and technology being adhered to? Is labour productivity and retention where you need it?
  • Our ability to transform conformance organizations into high performance ones is unique. We make your good people great and your great people awesome, creating a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Supplier Partnerships:  supplier networks are growing in complexity and distance, allowing more outsourcing and distributed manufacturing. There is more reliance on outside vendors to manage inventories and tight schedules. Do you have aligned, consistent measurement and performance metrics? Are targets met in both your organization and your supply base?
  • RLG creates alignment and focus with client, external and internal suppliers. This allows collaborative problem solving that leverages all stakeholders. This is key in establishing sustainable performance improvement.


Across paper mills, shipyards and manufacturing plants, RLG project managers have worked to improve performance in supply chain organizations. If you think we can help your organization, let’s talk.

What Our Clients and SMEs are Saying

“Manufacturing an e-commerce order is like manufacturing a complex product. In both cases RLG’s tools have allowed them to deliver superior results.”

– Former Amazon Executive Director

“RLG coaches have helped me understand my business using my performance measures. I now know what my priorities are and where to drive them.”

– Superintendent, Delivery Centre

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"Could we have done this on our own? We probably could have generated some improvements, but we almost certainly wouldn't have generated results of the same magnitude and we definitely wouldn't have generated them nearly as quickly."

– Vice President, Supply Chain and IT, Paper Manufacturing