Capital Projects

In a recent Project Management Institute® (PMI®) report, only 68% of projects were deemed successful, with only 50% and 55% meeting schedule and budget. $115 million (11.5%) of spending was seen as waste. In our experience, emphasis on Alignment, Engagement and Plan Optimization strengthens project management and provides quantifiable returns in workplace safety, schedule attainment and cost reduction.

Introducing RLG Project Excellence

We apply a proven formula to help owners and EPCs achieve greater productivity. We work alongside project leadership and their teams to help align project interfaces, optimize planning and schedules for critical milestones, and meaningfully connect the front-line to the work front priorities and project performance metrics. 

We work in:

  • Mega capital projects - we have helped on some of the largest pipelines, LNG, chemical processing and oil and gas projects built in the last ten years
  • Expansions - including major and minor modifications to existing facilities
  • New equipment installation - including where capital projects coincide with turnarounds and planned facility shutdowns
  • Infrastructure development - for public works, military and supporting systems for industrial facilities
  • Commissioning and start-up - helping transition bulk construction to critical path schedule driven work to accomplish first scheduled shipments dates and key completion milestones
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"It is a jungle of consultants out there. I get calls every second day from consultants saying they can help. We did our homework before selecting RLG. You guys actually come in, and not only tell us where we need to improve but provide value and solutions at the same time."

– Vice President, European Refinery

"With RLG, now we optimize our schedules and use that improved schedule to hold tension on the critical path throughout the commissioning. We are fundamentally changed for the better and we will not revert.”

– Senior Planning Manager, LNG 

We focus on results, not just activity

Px™ implementations consistently deliver measurable value to projects. Our coaches help teams work more effectively, overcoming bottlenecks while boosting productivity. We help improve planning, and execution of those plans, resulting in higher morale and positive energy by helping teams win their game. Here are some recent results: 



Client Request


Petrochem Expansion


Perform against schedule

19% improvement from baseline

Oilfield Infrastructure


Improve productivity factor

138% improvement

New LNG Plant


Reduce commissioning duration

60% improvement to plan

Petrochem Plant


Improve detailed design productivity

97% of approvals on-time

Pipeline Construction


Safety and schedule improvement

TRI down 65%, productivity up 50%

Drilling Rig Overhauls


Reduce project overruns

96% cut in overrun, $1B in value

Case Studies

  • transocean-major

Major Projects - Planning the Work

Oil & Gas
Capital Projects
North America
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"RLG has provided a game changer in the way we plan"

– LNG Superintendent, Australia 

"We applied RLG's Project Excellence team of coaches to benefit a major shutdown of our operating plant. We were tying in the new plant to the existing, and needed the project and turnaround teams to work closely. This was a huge success and we cut our duration significantly - it had a $15 million impact. Most importantly, it brought two cultures together to work as one as an integrated team. "

– Commissioning Lead, Mining, Canada