“This was an exceptional project where the client’s personnel, their service contractors and the RLG coaches were all deeply motivated to improve results. Following that first well, everyone was so excited and focused on doing even better next time.”

RLG Executive
Project Info

This client was drilling wells in the harsh North Atlantic, using a new drillship, the largest of her kind at that time, and experiencing erratic results with significant non-productive time. After assessing the previous results, RLG quickly deployed the TMP (Theoretical Maximum Performance) methodology to engage leaders, contractors and front line workers to identify risks and opportunities for performance improvement. Success was realized with an immediately step change in performance.

Project Highlights

  • Six wells drilled during the RLG TMP implementation represent 6 of the 7 fastest wells (including the fastest ever) drilled by this client in the past 2 years (days per 10,000 feet)
  • On the first well (H) over 140 lessons learned were captured (versus an average of 20 per well previously)
  • Over the course of the six wells, over 750 lessons learned were captured and actioned for future programs
  • During this period there was only one LTA – a pinched finger injury by a service company supervisor – a remarkable improvement versus the prior wells when injuries occurred with regularity