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Don Porter Joins RLG International’s Executive Advisory Council

Jan 12, 2021

RLG International is pleased to announce that Don Porter will serve as a member of the Executive Advisory Council. The Executive Advisory Council is a committee of senior executives who serve as product and service advisors from the upstream and downstream oil and gas, manufacturing, airline and aerospace industries.

Don PorterMr. Donald Porter joins RLG’s Executive Advisory Council with 35 years of experience in the energy and refining industry. He most recently served as the Vice President for Global Refining for BP, where he was responsible for improving the overall refining system’s safety and Solomon quartile improvements. Prior to this role, Don led transformations in underperforming refinery and mid-stream business’, and is known for delivering sustainable improvements in safety, reliability, and commercial competitive performance with pace and pragmatism.

Beginning in 2016, RLG worked with Mr. Porter at BP’s Whiting refinery, the largest in the BP system. The nature of this work focused on improving safety performance, site reliability, and building front line leadership capability and performance ownership. This partnership with RLG led to substantial overall business improvement, which was recognized company wide. Throughout the time working with RLG, Don demonstrated a strong commitment to improving front line engagement, performance delivery, and energetic leadership committed to sustainable results.

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