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Top 10+ Things to do to Enhance your Business and Family Culture during Coronavirus

Mar 19, 2020

Corporate and RLG leader’s advice during this pandemic:

It’s not something that belongs on the list but something that requires some consideration is how a command & control/micromanage leadership style is completely ineffective in this environment. Leaders who set clear objectives to their teams - not just the “what” but the “why it’s important” and then “delegate and trust” will be far more comfortable with their teams that are working remotely. Those teams that wait to be told what to do and get everything checked and doubled checked up the line are completely lost in this environment. Leadership always matters but never more than in times of stress.

  1. Follow CDC and government recommendations. Let’s unite and all choose to follow well!Your team will respect you for it. 
  2. Run to the problem. Don’t go quiet, don’t wait until you have perfect information.
  3. Communicate, Communicate and Communicate. You may have to change course the next day but your people will appreciate your efforts.
  4. Start every meeting with gratitude. What is going right? Recognize the small things. Be specific and do it daily. 
  5. Honesty and transparency without fearmongering. Now is not the time to let your personal anxieties show in the spirit of honesty.
  6. Share hope and vision. What is your vision on how we will be better and stronger in six months? Share it again and again!
  7. Invest in personal development. How will your team be better and stronger coming out of this crisis? What on-line training should be made a priority?
  8. Remember to have fun! Set-up on-line contests, eg. fitness challenges, training challenges, recognition contests, service challenges.
  9. Seek virtual community. It’s easy to feel isolated and become unproductive at home – especially if you are not used to it. Develop a community and work together towards ambitious objectives. Both the busy-work and the sense of purpose will uplift the soul while improving on core business and personal objectives.
  10. Have a business disruption plan. What is your Coronovirus response plan?Plan, Plan, Plan.When we plan together, we reduce fear. 
  11. Give something away for free!Show support for your employees. Give something away to your clients for free. Show them your commitment! You see most good businesses doing that with free “change fees”. Give free consulting or services. Do it! It will enhance your culutre and your long-run performance!
  12. Maintain normalcy: When routines are being upended at work and home, keeping even small traditions and discipline can be comforting.

Some helpful tips to enhance your family culture during a crisis:

  1. Take the time to enjoy your family. Don’t spend it all in anxiety.
  2. Enjoy time outdoors but in keeping with proper social distancing recommendations.
  3. Reach out to others in kindness, you can make a difference all around you!
  4. Do something you've been meaning to do, now that you have the time to do it!
  5. Keep your surrounding clean.

Building a Winning Culture Pays!  A Crisis is the Perfect Time to Build or Enhance your Corporate Culture.

Current data:

  • Your culture affects your bottom line. Companies with strong culture saw a 4x increase in revenue growth.
  • Culture links happy employees, productivity, and profit. Satisfied, happy employees out-perform by 20%.
  • 86% of potential hires would not apply for a company that has a bad reputation with former employees or with the public.
  • 65% of employees would likely leave their job if the company was being portrayed negatively in the news or on social media.

For additional information on RLG’s Preparedness for Covid-19 please refer to RLG’s CEO Brad Farrow’s COVID-19 Response Plan.