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Rick Heyland leads the Continuous Improvement process to explore and discuss, share insights and success stories of individuals and companies that are making a difference personally and professionally.

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The Importance of Innovation within your Corporate Growth Strategy

Feb 21, 2020

84% of executives agree that innovation is key to a growth strategy, but few are satisfied with their current innovation performance. Many businesses are struggling with how to innovate and optimize their work processes and make profitable gains. To get innovation out of the front line you need a simple structure to not stifle but provide a level of guidance and allow room for creativity. But what are these simple rules?

Listen to Rick Heyland and Rob Gulbronson (Vice President, RLG International) discuss the simple rules for any team to create innovation that impacts the bottom line on the CI4Life podcast, Episode 23. Below is an example of one of the results stories shared.

lto-pdfRLG OSB Mill TMP Session Gets Results

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